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Photo Nickname Real name Winnings
XiaoXiao123 Unknown $24,031
Follow The Hawk Unknown $908,400
SmitjeSmee Unknown -$43,231
Dereinat0r Unknown $353,129
eddinho87 Unknown $223,944

thecranium’s biggest pots

Cards Game Pot size
PLO (200/400) $212,824
PLO (200/400) $161,916
NLHE (300/600) $132,344
PLO (300/600) $100,800
PLO (200/400) $98,016

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November 2010 Draw Games Results


Full Tilt Poker added the new Draw games in the beginning of November and we have saved the hand histories ever since..
February 4, 2011

So, who's winning and who's losing this year?


May 26, 2010

Harrington25 beats up on thecranium, wins $174K


Harrington25 aka Jared Bleznick had one of his best days ever at Full Tilt Poker yesterday when he managed to win close to $200K in 1499 hands. Most of the loot was taken in a 1046 hand match of $200/...
May 20, 2010

Durrrr shares the wealth, drops $576K


Durrrr continued his downswing yesterday and he was actually the only losing player in the $500/$1000 Cap game for the day. Phil Ivey was the most greedy og the opponents with a $211K win, but Cole So...
May 13, 2010