KaiBuxxe’s high stakes results

Most played game:
Omaha PL
Most played game:
Omaha PL

KaiBuxxe’s latest opponents

Photo Nickname Real name Winnings
XiaoXiao123 Unknown $24,031
Follow The Hawk Unknown $908,400
SmitjeSmee Unknown -$43,231
Dereinat0r Unknown $353,129
eddinho87 Unknown $223,944

KaiBuxxe’s biggest pots

Cards Game Pot size
PLO (200/400) $177,593
PLO (200/400) $153,148
PLO (200/400) $145,224
PLO (200/400) $141,142
PLO (200/400) $140,364

KaiBuxxe’s latest news

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July 23, 2009