Pokerstars & Full Tilt Poker Opt Out

HighstakesDB offer the possibility for high stakes players at Pokerstars & Full Tilt Poker to put further restrictions on how much results data that is available for visitors of this website to view. By choosing to opt out, players would put the following restrictions on their screenname:

a) Overall historic results, regardless if positive or negative, will not be displayed anywhere on the website.
b) When querying the high stakes results database, the player will only appear when the queried period is for 7 days or less. This regardless whether the player has won or lost for a period longer than that.

Per default (for all Pokerstars players) there is a restriction that will only allow the high stakes results database to list Pokerstars players with negative results for the past 7 days or less. If a period longer than that is queried, all Pokerstars players with negative results for the selected period will be excluded.

How to opt out

Pokerstars: Use your player account and transfer $0.01 to username "ResultSites" on Pokerstars to request to opt out. We receive lists of recently opted-out players twice a week from Pokerstars, and action them as soon as we receive them. Conversely, if you have opted out and wish to opt-in, please send $0.03 to the same player name "ResultSites".

The transfer amount for either request will be returned once they have been actioned.

Full Tilt Poker: Send an e-mail to [email protected] using the e-mail address registered with your player account and request that your screen name is opted out from Result sites. This request will then be forwarded to HighstakesDB and your screen name will be opted out within a few days.

If you have any questions about the opt-out procedure and its details, please do not hesistate to get in touch. However, please note that it is _not_ possible to make the opt-out request via e-mail to HighstakesDB.