Sbrugby totally dominating Holdem NL

We earlier wrote about how David Benyamine is totally dominting the Omaha tables and if there is an opposite for the holdem NL it's for sure Brian Townsend (Sbrugby)

Yesterday he was playing three $200/400 where he easily won about $73k, mostly from Phil Ivey.
A very nice action flop, both player allin, $89k pot
Phil Ivey try to make a move on the river, $62k pot
In just a couple of minuts Sbrugby won another $60k from Phil Ivey

Other players who were doing well was KOMIJENDO(+84$k) and castellimich(+$80k) and like in the omaha sessions it was Phil Ivey who had to take the largest lost(-$117k)

Brian Townsend

April stats: +$730 466 (47 sessions, 5421 hands) - Texas Holdem NL



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