BREAKING: Isildur1 Found Playing Underground €2/5 PLO Game

While Tom Dwan was searching for the legendary Isildur1 on Twitter, and running into Jungleman Dan Cates instead, the mighty Swedish poker sensation was knee deep in an underground app €2/5 PLO game!

By: Andrew Burnett

The uncapped game saw Isildur1, real name Viktor Blom of course, trying to run it up against some seriously stacked opposition on the Pokio app.

It’s a far cry from the Swede’s biggest games, that saw him win and lose $millions on Full Tilt Poker back in the day, but his play on “untracked euro sites” has been a running joke in the poker community for years now.

However, this game is apparently fairly serious, Blom joining the Pokio community just before the pandemic hit last year.
After trying the site out on the recommendation of friends, Blom decided to start up his own official club, with several tables going at once, and not only at the higher stakes.

“He plays regularly at stakes that are affordable for the common Pokio user,” CEO Manuel Lopes explained last year, adding, “However, he doesn’t discard a higher game here and there when someone is open to the challenge.”

Speaking of challenges, while Blom’s main one looks to be taking as much of that €18k stack next to him as possible, the man looking for him, Tom Dwan, has one of his own to face up to.

That of course refers to the infamous Durrrr Challenge match from more than a decade ago – Jungleman up $1.2million before Black Friday called a halt to it.

He’s been chasing Dwan ever since to finish things off, with a $1.5million sidebet resting on the outcome, as well as a slew of other bets within the poker community.

Dwan’s apparent unwillingness to resume led Doug Polk to call it “the biggest scam in poker history”, claiming both players were supposed to escrow the sidebet money to Phil Ivey, but only Jungleman did so. Polk described that as something that is “****** up and should not be tolerated by the poker community.”

That was a few years ago, and there’s still no sign of Dwan at the tables with Jungleman, although Cates tweeted again this week: “I believe we’ve reached an agreement. Will see...”


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