How to Play Poker?

“Poker may be a branch of psychological warfare, an art form or indeed a way of life, but it is also merely a game in which money is simply the means of keeping score.”
- Anthony Holden

A global statistic shows that there are more than 100 million poker players in the world who tend to tenfold the poker gaming world statistics in the upcoming times. Up to 60 million professional poker players come from the United States whereas the remaining comes from the different sections of the world.

In no time, poker has turned out to be an amazing and popular game to master. Where some consider it as a game of smart tricks others believe it is all about your luck. This card game requires good knowledge about cards and planning a strategy around the same.

Initially, you may find it as a honeycomb but as soon as you practice it, you will witness a massive change in your playing techniques for sure. To know how to play poker wisely, you should start with understanding the basics. This can help you strengthen your gameplay while giving you ample reasons to rely on your strategies made.

Where the professional players of poker suggest that this fun game can be played in many ways, the basic rules still remain the same to a considerable extent. So, all in all, once you have understood the basics of the game, you are almost there to crack every strategy or game trap.

So, without wasting anymore time, let’s go through the complete series of steps required to play poker.

Learn 10 basics of 5 card-hands – No matter which poker game type you play, you would need to learn the 10 basics required to get started. The best practice is to get a cheat sheet printed to jot down the card names and values. Above all, the highest ranking hand is royal flush which is often used for straight poker games.

Get the blinds on the table – These bets are the starting point of the game giving you ample time and room to plan for your moves. Here, the player has to place a blind bet to start rolling the ball.

Bet, call, and raise after every round – Once the dealer starts to put new cards on the table, make sure you create a bet to start the move. Right after the first round, say ‘check’ to avoid betting at the last moment. This narrows your chances of winning over the round.

Check the ‘turn’ card to be on a safe side – At this point, the dealer may allow you to exchange the cards. But that’s the case only when you are not playing poker professionally. Here, the dealer may ‘burn’ or eliminate the top card to keep a random card on the top.

Evaluate the ‘river’ card wisely – Those who don’t know the final card are referred to as the ‘river’ card which comes when the dealer burns the top card. In case your poker game allows, you can exchange the set of cards at this point to continue playing with a tinge of mystery in the game.

The last line –

Poker is an amazing card game testing your strategy making skills at its best. To sustain in this game for a long run, you need to be good at judging the value of each card while making a strong game play for your opponents simultaneously. Be it straight poker or pineapple, no matter which one you play, make sure to go for the best kill and don’t forget to plan your moves first.


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