How to Block Online Poker Sites?

Poker sites are an excuse for people to earn some extra money on the side. The mere seduction tempts gambling enthusiasts to sign up or register an account with the multiple poker sites available online. The aim is to ace the poker tournaments but instead, a considerable number of punters end up developing severe mental and physical health problems related to gambling.

This has led to self-exclusion schemes and programs to crop up to help the poker players and also to promote responsible gambling to prevent such cases. The British poker operators regulated under UKGC have made these schemes a mandate and players stricken with gambling-related problems are to register on these schemes. Hence, this article reads out a few simple processes to block access to poker sites.

Self-Exclusion Through Gamstop

Launched not too long ago in 2018, GamStop has managed to make a name for itself as one of the best solutions to put controls in place to help limit your betting activities online. A not for profit organization called The National Online Self-Exclusion Scheme Limited is responsible for operating Gamstop. Gamstop solution helps those who want to keep themselves from using poker sites among other gambling platforms by excluding them from the latter. It offers free services and is available for customers within the United Kingdom exclusively. Once you sign up with Gamstop, you will be barred from engaging in gambling websites and apps operated by companies licensed out of Great Britain for a period of time selected by you.

The registration process will require you to input a number of details for confirmation of your identity. This will include your postcode, date of birth, and email address.

Once registered, you will be sent an email summarizing the details and the exclusion will become effective in up to 24 hours. Once your ban has elapsed, you can get in touch with Gamstop to cancel their self-exclusion program, following the approval of which you will be allowed to play poker at the website once again.

So players will not be able to access any UKGC licensed casinos including poker sites under the Gamstop scheme. However, punters can enrol in several credible brands not on GamStop via –° offering non GamStop poker games and operating under offshore licenses such as Curacao Gambling Commission.

Purchase Gamban

Gamban was launched in 2015 by GambleAware as a paid solution for blocking poker sites. It functions across a range of operating systems like android, Windows, Mac OS, and iOS. No matter the operating system, the scheme will require you to download an app on your device once you register an account with Gamban.

You have to set up the Virtual Private Network (VPN), following which you will be asked to sanction a VPN connection plea for your device.  Once directed to your device settings option tap on Gamban to confirm permission. Now you can block yourself from accessing more than 50,000 web-based betting apps and sites. Take note that Gamban is protection effective and hence is difficult to uninstall.

Download BetBlocker

BetBlocker is another free tool that aids in controlling your gambling activities. You can download and install this app on any of your android, iOS, Mac, Linux, or Windows-based devices and block yourself from accessing over 13613 gaming websites. You also have the option to regulate for how long you want to practice self-exclusion and once activated, the tool will forbid you from removing the restrictions until the time period has lapsed.

Moreover, it also has a Parental Controls setting that gives the parents the remote to switch the tool on and off using a password to keep their children from engaging in gambling services.  This tool does not ask you for any personal information and functions entirely anonymously.

Block Gambling Transactions

When you start gambling for real money online, the foremost advice imparted is to maintain a budget to prevent over expenditure and develop a gambling addiction in the coming. Not always is it possible for everyone to stick to the budget. The temptation can be overpowering and this is precisely the reason why many banks have started offering the ability to restrict your gambling expenditure.

You can consider approaching your bank and have them block your gambling payments. Your account or debit or credit cards will be blocked which will bar you from making any sort of gambling transactions. A few banks that do offer these services are HSBC, Barclays, Halifax, Santander, and Starling among others.


If you have realized your gambling problem, you have already taken the very first step towards a hopeful recovery and the right path. Once you have made up your mind and decided to reach out for help, all that remains are the technical solutions that will only push you towards a guaranteed healthy withdrawal.


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