Leon Tsoukernik Sues Facebook for $23 Million Over Fraudulent Advertising

Kings Resort owner Leon Tsoukernik has announced his intention to sue Facebook for allowing fraudulent mobile adverts. The story broke in the Czech daily newspaper Hospodářské Noviny and was soon confirmed on the King’s Resort Twitter account.

By: Mark Patrickson

Damaged Reputation

The lawsuit claims that Facebook knowingly profited from adverts for a mobile casino that used pictures of King’s Resort to encourage people to sign up. The advert read "The best Czech casino is now online!"

The mobile casino in question doesn’t even have a license to operate and yet Facebook continues to accept money from fraudsters. They have failed in their duty to do due diligence in a region where casinos can only operate if they hold the correct licenses.

King’s Resort has contacted the social media giant numerous occasions without receiving a single reply. It was made clear that it does not operate any online casino.

Tsoukernik said: "In other media, if we want to advertise, they require us to prove the license, trademarks for the logo and the like. Even two years ago, Facebook demanded it from us, so I don't understand how they can release such fraudulent advertising."

We await with interest what Facebook’s reply will be to such a large claim for damages. They look to be clearly in the wrong.

With the casino still locked up due to the pandemic it is unlikely that much will distract Leon Tsoukernik from this lawsuit. He expected to be planning the running of the WSOP Europe scheduled for November but there is still no word on when he can reopen the business.


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