Poker in Sweden Through Svenska Spel and Offshore Casinos

Svenska Spel is the largest online poker platform in Sweden. Not only does it rank in the top 20 worldwide for traffic but it is also directly operated by the Swedish government. In other words, it is a serious outfit that ranks top 10 for poker websites open to a single country market.

Great Traffic

To play on Svenska Spel you must have a Swedish ID number. Foreigners can only play if they are resident in Sweden.

You might think that this would heavily impact the traffic figures but it seems that is not so. The attraction of playing only against your fellow countrymen turned out to be quite a decent selling point.

As you would expect, the site currency is in Swedish krona (SEK), making things that little bit easier for the customers.

There is plenty of traffic spread across the cash game lobby. Heads-up tables run alongside 5-max and 10-max games. The tournament scene looks healthy there as well. From heads-up SnGs to large field MTTs, it’s all there, and with very competitive rake too.

Software Client

The software has a good reputation. All poker players know the importance of having a decent client, otherwise the game just becomes too frustrating.

Modern database trackers such as Hold’em Manager 2 will work, although there are reports of heavy lag when too many tables are open.

Ultra Safe Money Transfer

It goes without saying that transferring funds to and from a website controlled by a first world government is as safe and reliable as it gets. You can expect zero issues on this score.

All of the common deposit options are available, and withdrawals are usually processed within four days maximum.

Offshore Casinos

If your mind isn’t feeling sharp enough for a session of online poker then casino gaming is an ideal solution to blow off some steam. It’s no secret that most poker players love many other forms of gambling, especially traditional casino games such as blackjack and baccarat.

Offshore casinos do have some advantages over those who pay through the nose for all of the relevant licenses. For a start they have more cash at hand to hand out some nice bonuses and promotions.

Do your homework and check out the reputation of any online casino you are interested in playing at. Always be careful regarding how much money you have stored in that account, just in case the worst happens.

Failing that Svenska Spel does have its own casino. Again, it’s always nice to feel protected and have a government guaranteeing your funds.


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