ACR Player Grazvydas Crushes the No Rathole Tables for More Than $1million

Grazvydas Grazvydas Kontaustas showed how to play ACRs No Rathole poker to the max this week, the Lithuanian crusher sitting with over $1million after crushing the opposition so badly at PLO he could not find an opponent!

By: Andrew Burnett

Americas Cardroom boss Phil Nagy and the US-facing site’s new Security Consultant and Gameplay Expert, Randy ‘Nanonoko’ Lew, weren’t the only ones stunned by Grazvydas’ $1million stack.

Among Twitter poker’s reactions were the following:

  • “I’d rather sit on an upturned nail than vs that guy.” - @Gotdemacez
  • “What an animal lol” - @Biff1691

ACR’s newest signing, Vanessa Kade, had her own massive $1.5million scoop recently, but even she was moved to describe the table screenshot as “sick”.

Grazvydas built up his monster stack at ACR’s 7-day No Rathole $200/$400 PLO tables, where players start off with 10 big blinds.

If ‘Rathole’ is a new poker term to you, it basically means to cut and run as soon as you’ve won, and we’ve all faced such infuriating opponents.

ACR’s No Rathole tables are designed to put players off the ‘win quick and disappear quicker’ routine – you can leave the table whenever you please, but you can’t return to the No Rathole table at the same limit for 7 days — unless you buy back in for the same amount that you left the table with.

Grazvydas evidently didn’t leave the table until he’d beasted every player brave or foolish enough to take him on, a 250+ buy-in upswing that makes him king of the ACR cash tables – for the time being at least.

Poker fans had a few ideas for what should come next, with @mason_reser’s @PhilGalfond I smell a new challenge” top of the list.

As the ACR blog, titled ‘Filthy rich at No Rathole table’ states, “If you’ve got a serious stack to work with, go find Grazvydas and see if you can take his money. He’s waiting!”

Here’s the full lowdown on the ACR 7-Day No Rathole tables, which are available in Hold’em and PLO formats, and with buy-ins and stakes to suit every bankroll.

The 7-Day No Rathole Tables Feature:

  • 10 Big Blinds Buy-in.
  • If you leave a winner and want to return to the No Rathole tables, you must come back with the same amount you left with (that amount locked in for 7 days).
  • Tables currently available at these stakes: $0.10/$0.25, $1/$2, $5/$10, $50/$100.

An example of how they work:

Player X buys-in for $1,000, wins $1,000 and leaves the table with $2,000. Two days later he returns to play again and when he sits down, he will be prompted to buy-in with the $2,000 he left with.

This is the only option if he wants to play on the 7-Day No Rathole Tables again.

After a 7-day period from when Player X originally won his money, it resets and he’ll be able to sit down again for the set buy-in.


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