PokerBROS New Kill Pot Feature Raises The Limit!

PokerBROS are always looking for ways to spice up the action, and this time they’ve outdone themselves – introducing a new Kill Pot feature that’s guaranteed to make the hand immediately after a big one has hit even more exciting!

By: Andrew Burnett

The leading mobile social poker game has introduced the Kill Pot feature for their Fixed Limit Hold’em and Omaha Club games, with both high- and low-formats covered. With it, they have brought a whole new dynamic to the table!

How does Kill Pot work?

When you enable the Kill Pot feature, whenever a pot grows over a certain size, the very next hand sees the Kill Pot kick in -  the blinds double, and a second big blind is added.

That’s a big incentive to get involved in the hand, and here’s an example to show you how it works in practice.

Say you are playing a 1/2 Limit game. The ‘trigger’ amount is passed and so the next hand is a Kill Pot. The blinds double from 0.5/1 to 1/2, and the betting limits become 2/4. A 3rd blind under the gun is also posted.

Suddenly you’ve found yourself in a bigger game for at least a hand, and the onus is on you to take it down.

And if the Kill Pot also exceeds the trigger limit? Then the next hand is also a Kill Pot, and you may well have triggered  a chain of the beasts! Don’t worry about the blinds bankrupting you, though – in a chain they remain at the initial double Kill Pot level.

No scoop, no Kill Pot …

Although there is no upper limit to how many Kill Pots there can be in a row, there are some situations that don’t trigger them, even in bigger pots. Basically, it’s a case of No scoop, no Kill Pot!

So, if the pot exceeds the trigger limit, but is chopped (or split pot in high-low), then the next hand is not a Kill Pot.

How do I set up Kill Pots?

You can decide what the trigger limit to set off the Kill Pot is yourself when you set up the feature in your club.

  • Create a table  on your club
  • Turn on the “Kill Pot” feature
  • Choose your “trigger” level – the number of big blinds needed in a pot before the next hand becomes a Kill Pot.
  • This can be anything from 8 eight to 15 big blinds.

When players want their Fixed Limit play to come with a unique twist, the Kill Pot featured tables will be labelled in your Club’s lobby. Simple!

About PokerBROS

The PokerBros app was developed by Beyond Games Limited, and holds a Gaming Labs Certificate of Integrity for its RNG (Random Number Generator). This means that games are fair and have been tested by external agencies.

PokerBros software has evolved graphics and customization options for players, making it one of the most popular mobile poker apps available. Try it for yourself here and see if you can take down the Kill Pot chain!


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