March Madness Bitcoin Poker Tournament Series Kicks Off on SwC Poker

March Madness Bitcoin Poker Tournament Series has started over on SwC Poker. The 18-day series runs until April 4, 2021, with all events coinciding with major basketball games.

By: Mark Patrickson

Basketball is one of the most popular sports in the US, with fans spread all over the globe. When SwC Poker players heard that they would be able to grind some tournaments while watching top level basketball the response was more than favourable.

The MMBPS Has it All Going on

There’s a lot going on over the next two and a bit weeks in the MMBPS. An extensive list of events with many satellites to get in on the action for cheap ensures that everyone has at least some chance to win big.

The leaderboards have prizes for the top placings so it’s important to grind as many events as you have time for. Points are awarded all players who cash in any tournament. Dont’ forget to check out the SwC Twitter account @SwCPoker for further information on the points formula that will be released just before the first event.

  • 2 Bitcoin GTD—$117,000 approx.
  • Satellites for all tournaments
  • Leaderboards with prizes
  • Special Freeroll for top 32 leaderboard finishers
  • 40 Tournaments

It’s not all just NL hold’em too. There will be some fashionable mixed games events thrown in for those who don’t like to stick to just one game.

SwC Poker Leading the Crypto Poker Sector

SwC Poker was the first Bitcoin poker site to launch. For almost a decade they have been leading the way for online poker platforms to start accepting cryptocurrency, and also hold almost every cryptocurrency record in the poker sector.

Any poker fan, whether tournament or cash game, should consider giving them a try. Who knows, you might even end up collecting one of their special bad beat jackpots. Only a few months ago “Thisguy23” set off the jackpot which triggered at an eye-watering 1.4 BTC. The hand in question was their aces full losing out to the quad kings of “ToneVays”.

Don’t forget, the action kicks off today, March 18,2021. There’s no time to waste if you plan on challenging for the leaderboard prizes.


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