PokerStars Makes Changes to Fold Button to Protect New Players

PokerStars has removed the choice to fold when checking is available to protect new players, who might not be familiar with the rules of the game.

Usually, when a player tries to fold when checking is available, he/she receives a notification from the online poker room about the possibility to check. However, PokerStars has now decided to take away the fold possibility to ensure that new players don't make these rookie mistakes.

As you might imagine, the new change has angered some players who believe this essentially changes the rules of poker:

"And this is just another idiotic feature. If I want to open fold just let me do so. You can keep the check is possible by default and I can turn it off if I want. Lets say I bluff and feel so embarrassed at the river I just want to fold and now I cant? Pretty sure stars is the only place in the world where you can't do that. This aint protecting 'new players' this is trying to piss of the regs. Again. it's like 'breaking the rules of the game' by the game provider," one angry player commented the changes on 2+2 poker forum.


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