Full Tilt Repayments Finally Reaching a Conclusion

After a lengthy process which has lasted almost three years, the final repayments to US Full Tilt players left in the lurch after Black Friday have been distributed  by the DOJ-appointed claims administrator Garden City Group (GCG).

This is the 9th tranche of repayments which began back in February 2014 and which have in total consituted $115m in repayments to 45,000 players. This most recent tranche comprised 1,000 accounts and a combined repayment of $2.6m, and, according to GCG paid back, “Petitioners who confirmed their FTP Account Balances, Petitioners who have disputed their FTP Account Balances and Petitioners designated by Full Tilt as ‘Professionals.”

Although $115m has been returned to US players, that is still a substantial shortfall from the $160m actually owed to American player accounts. The remaining $45m is down to a number of accounts where the players didn't either bother to petition for the return of their funds, as well as some 1500 accounts where the petitions were turned down. Those turned down included some well known high balance former  with former Full Tilt affiliates and professionals among them. According to Flushdraw.net, "Full Tilt commonly paid many of its affiliate and business payments directly into associated player accounts.  Those accounts, at least those of US-based affiliates, were among those targeted for refund denial.".

The left over funds are to be divvied up between the Department of Justice and GCG.



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