Outspoken Poker Stars Cate Hall & Mike Dentale Get Nasty on Twitter

If 1,000 poker fans were asked to name a couple of professional poker players unlikely to back down in a war of words then there's a very good chance that Cate Hall and Mike Dentale would feature quite prominently on the lists. When these two recently became embroiled in a twitter war, things got ugly - and a televised heads-up match was arranged!

The feud started on Wednesday when Dentale, well known in poker circles for his outspoken non-liberal views and tough-guy persona (as well as being no fan of the politically correct feminist Hall), fired a bullet across Cate's boughs, tweeting:

Oooh, burnnnn!

Clearly Cate was not going to let such a slur go unreturned, and countered with:

Cue a couple of days worth of sometimes amusing, sometimes below-the-belt, back and forth between the two as they rode each other hard over the outcome of the proposed heads-up match. One of the more memorable exchanges was when Dentale accused Hall of being a "crackhead and a slut", and Cate replied, most amusingly, "I am not a crackhead".

This mediocre piece of image cropping was perhaps a low point in the 'debate'

After Dentale appeared to go quiet on the heads-up match, Hall went into overdrive with the goading before eventually enraging Dentale by calling him a coward. Much like Marty McFly in 'Back To The Future', you can NEVER call Mike Dentale yellow! and with fellow pro Matt Glantz negotiating on behalf of the feuding couple, it appears that we will have a heads-up match to look forward to!

I'll leave you with a couple of parting shots from the two combatants:

Firstly from Mike D

And last words to Cate. Well, Cate's mom to be precise...










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