Mike Sexton Lost $500m Selling partypoker Shares

WPT commentator Mike Sexton joined recently Joey “ChicagoJoey” Ingram on the Poker Life Podcast to discuss about his poker career and many other interesting subjects.

Sexton took down his first-ever World Poker Tour title just last month and crossed over $6 million in total live tournament earnings. While Sexton has been very successful as a player, he has made even more money when he was involved with the start of partypoker.

According to Sexton he eventually sold all of his partypoker shares for $15 million, but could have made up to $500 million by waiting a little more before selling his stake in the company.

“By selling my stock, it only cost me about $500 million or so. But what’s $500 million here or there,” Sexton revealed.

You can listen the amazing story right here:


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