"Table Talk" With Joe Ingram & Doug Polk Episode 3 Online

Once again Joe Ingram and Doug Polk have come up trumps with another highly entertaining mixture of poker news, views, opinion, and conjecture on their weekly YouTube show "Table Talk with Polk & Papi".

This weeks topics up for discussion included Bill Perkins extravangant generosity, attorney generals trying to get online poker shutdown in the US, the GPL finals, Poker Night In America, as well as some rather "interesting" impersonations of some prominent industry figures.

It seems that multi-multi-millionaire hedge fund boss Bill Perkins love of throwing his money around goes beyond insane prop-bets with Dan Bilzerian. He has been giving away multiple packages to the PCA (now to be known as PokerStars Championship of the Bahamas) via his "The Thirst Lounge" Twitch channel, whilst streaming live from his yacht - now that is what you call baller!

Polk & Papi seem happy to see Poker Night in America doing well, and lament the lack of real high stakes cash game action available for viewers in 2016. They both clearly see this format as a far more popular and interesting way for viewers to engage with poker than one of their other topics of conversation, the GPL finals!

Anyone who follows Doug Polk's media output will already be well aware of his opinion of the GPL - and anyone who hasn't is in for a treat when they check out his solo send-up of the GPL on his YouTube channel which you can see here  - needless to say their opinion of the league hasn't grown much in the last week or so!

This weeks quick-fire run down offers a reasonable amount of mirth as we see Joe Ingram attempt impersonations of Alex Dreyus (who ends up sounding part Dutch, part Jamaican, and part French) and William "9 high like a BOSS" Kassouf. While he has far from mastered the English accent, Joey's Kassouf is a marked improvement on his Dreyfus. There are no such shenanigans from Polk who refuses to step up to the plate with the impressions while he acted out his parts for the amphibious looking Sheldon Adelson and "Mr PokerStars" Daniel Negreanu. Joe 1 - Doug 0.

There's plenty more fast-paced fun in episode three, which you can check out in full below:


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