Jake Cody Recounts Being Robbed Whilst Skinny Dipping in Barcelona

One of the more entertaining video blogs to surface in recent weeks has been that of English PokerStars pro Jake Cody. Previous vlogs have seen the Triple Crown Winner talk about his poker journey, life on the road, live cash games, and some bits and pieces of stratgey. In his most recent vlog he takes some questions from his viewers and becomes unusually animated by the question, "Have you been robbed before?".

Not generally a question that would elicit an almost excited response, but the story Cody goes on to tell is certainly one to tell the grandkids!

The story took place 5 years ago while Cody was in Barcelona for the EPT. After a heavy night on the vodka red bulls at the karaoke bars, Jake and his friend thought a good way to impress some girls they spotted in the sea at around 4-5am would be to go skinny dipping.

After running down the beach naked and jumping in the sea they realised the girls they had been trying to impress were nowhere to be seen. Unfortunatley for Jake and his friend, neither were their clothes, wallets, room keys, passports and phones when they got out of the water!

The pair inexplicably decided the best bet would be to split up, each covering their modesty with a palm leaf taken from a beachfront tree. Cue an embarrasing walk back along the entire beachfront to his hotel and an even more embarrasing explanation to the hotel staff to gain access to his room.

To make the story even more bizarre, the next day, while spending hours and hours at the cop shop reporting the loss and trying to get a temporary passport, Cody was approached by a film crew from the UK's Channel 4 who were making a documentary on tourists getting their money/possessions stolen while abroad. Cody glady took part in the documentary - and apparently footage is out there somewhere of a very hungover Jake Cody recounting this story to a British film crew!

Check out the whole of Cody's latest vlog below:


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