Would you fold Aces preflop? Lex Veldhuis Would!

There's not many occasions when you can advocate folding pocket aces preflop in a NLHE game. Perhaps on the stone-cold bubble in a major tourney against the chip leader? But in an $11 KO tourney on PokerStars? Never! Lex "RaSZi" Veldhuis, however, would beg to differ...

Veldhuis has been a consistent winner online for over a decade now, and has played up to the highest stakes online as well as memorably appearing on some great episodes of Late Night Poker in the late noughties, so he clearly knows his way around a poker table. He knows as well as anyone that you don't fold aces preflop. Sometimes though, nature's calling is stronger than any desire to win a pot in and $11 tourney!

Check out the clip here


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