$10,000 Bankroll Challenge - Doug Polk On the Rise at Last

When Doug "WCGRider" Polk's $100-$10,000 bankroll challenge started to back in ealry August, most people were estimating that the challenge would take anything from a few days to a few weeks. Well, we're nearly four months in now and it looks like a few more before the challenge is over - although a winning streak which now extends over a month has put Doug firmly back on track as his bankroll hit a new day-end high of $632.

To be fair to DP since the start of the challenge, he has only played for 24 days as he took off September to travel to Canada to play in this year's WCOOP, then took October off to travel. He's now also only playing Mondays and Fridays. Nevertheless, it's certainly been more of a grind than one of the world's top NLHE players would have expected at the micros.

After dropping below $50 in the first few days, Polk looked like he was on his way after shooting up from $178 to $551 on the 9th day of the challenge after a couple of MTT wins. However, after taking some shots at $20NL the bankroll was back down to a devastating $138 by the end of day 13 and stayed around there until his last day of play before his two month break.

Since coming back on 4th November, however, Doug has enjoyed 8 consecutive winning sessions, with the last four days played earning him profits of $69, $233, $19, and $162.

The $233 day occurred last Friday when he picked up 2nd and 1st in a couple of MTT's, taking $178 for the win and just over $100 for the 2nd place finish. Last night's $162 session came after Polk decided the bankroll management was for WIMPS and played some on the $50 PLO streets, earning himself a few buy-ins and taking himself over $500 profit for the first time in the challenge.

Check out his progress graph so far - taken from Upswing Poker.com

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Hopefully we can see some real momentum build and Doug can close this out a little quicker than he's opened it up!


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