Phil Hellmuth to Appear on Tim Ferriss Podcast - Poker Community Not Amused

Serial entrepreneur, self-help guru, author, and podcast behemoth Tim Ferriss recently interviewed Phil Hellmuth for a podcast to be broadcast in 2017. Prior to the interview Ferriss asked the twittersphere what questions they would have him ask Phil. The reaction from certain parts of the higher echelons of the poker community was not great. It would seem they were not too happy to be represented by Hellmuth as their spokesperson for the poker community!

A whole host of well known, successful players appeared very dismissive (even upset) that the "Oprah of Audio" should choose the shamelessly self-promoting Hellmuth rather than a current elite player to be interviewed. Check out Ferriss's initial tweet and some of the responses below:

From poker podcaster, pro, and MMA star Terrence Chan;

Adding fuel to the flames were high rolling poker pros Connoor Drinan and Ike "philivey2694" Haxton:

And just for good measure former nosebleeds star (and former roommate of Tom "durrrr" Dwan) David Benefield and poker TV personality Kirsty Arnett added their two penneth:

In fact, the list of familiar poker names who all seemed to baulk at the idea of Hellmuth appearing on Ferriss's podcast was rather lengthy; it also garnered negative reactions from the likes of Jason "carrycakes" Mo, Dan O'Brien, Olivier "livb" Busquet, J C Alvarado, Dani "supernova9" Stern, Richard "nutsinho" Lyndaker, Aaron "aejones" Jones, and many more.

Reasons for the negativity included; Hellmuth's relative lack of poker talent compared to today's top pros, the fact that he represented a site which stole millions of dollars of player funds (Ulimate Bet), his unpopularity within the poker community, and his general "Mr Big Time" attitude.

However, Lee Davy at Calvin Ayre makes a good fist of defending the decision to interview Hellmuth. He makes the reasonable point that Ferriss' podcast has millions of listeners, only a very small % of whom will be interested in poker in any meaningful way and that as such its better to have someone like Hellmuth, a born entertainer and (in Terrence Chan's words) a "pure self promoter" come on to talk up poker than one of the many admittedly better or more respected pros who wouldn't necessarily engage the general public as much as "The Poker Brat".

Davy agrees that getting inside the mind of a Phil Galfond or a Fedor Holz would make much better listening to a poker enthusiast than Hellmuth's own brand of bragadocio, but to the layman it would probably not make a compelling podcast.

Davy opines that not even Daniel Negreanu can boast the level of recognition amongst the non-poker playing general public than Phil Hellmuth, and as such, Davy argues, he is the man most likely to succeed in bringing poker to a wider audience.

Either way, we're looking forward to seeing what the king of "White Magic" has to say to Tim Ferriss when the pocast airs next year.


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