"Table Talk" With Joe Ingram & Doug Polk First Episode Online

The new online poker show "Table Talk" promised by poker pros Doug "WCGRider" Polk and Joe "ChicagoJoey" Ingram launched this past Wednesday and featured a slew of topical items discussed in a quick-fire format and against the clock by the two media savvy highstakes players.

The format of the show is to have both hosts featured on a split screen both broadcasting live from their respective homes (Polk in Vegas, Joey in Chicago) and discussing a pre-determined list of topics which appear on a graphic table on the right hand side of the screen. Each topic is assigned a certain amount of time for discussion, after which they start discussing the next topic on the list. Topics up for some table-talk in the opening episode included the return of Gus Hansen to the virtual felt, Phil Ivey's edge sorting case against the Borgata and Isildur1's latest upswing,

The hosts also rundown a few topics and say whether they would "buy" or "sell" stock in them as a long term poker prospect. Up this week were Will Kassouf, PokerStars, US poker and WSOP Main Event Champ Qui Nguyen.

The 37 minute show also featured a segment on "this day in poker history" where they talked about the insane games played at Full Tilt in November 2009 - when Isildur1 ran up millions and millions of dollars, lost most of it, won it back, then lost it all again. And finally a few topics are discussed at breakneck speed in the final rundown before the show wraps up.

Looks like a fun format with some interesting topics. Check out the entire first episode below:


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