Doug Polk Analyses Five Biggest Online NLHE Pots of All Time

Once again our friend Doug "WCGRider" Polk has been checking out HighstakesDB to find the five biggest online No Limit Hold'em pots of all time. Using our replayer he analyses all these monster-pots from back in online poker's high stakes heyday, giving his opinions on how the pots were played by the players at the time.

All five of the hands feature Tom "durrrr" Dwan, with Dwan not really getting the best of it during the confrontations. In one hand he has AA cracked by KK, in another he is coolered when his own KK is beating by John Juanda's AA, and again when his AK suited comes up against Isildur1's AA.

All of the pots were between $657k-$723k and you can find them all here

Check out Doug's analysis below


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