RaulGonzales Beats Isildur1 at Triple Draw

Yesterday's biggest winner at PokerStars high stakes tables was German pro RaulGonzales, who ended the day up $72,338 after a session at the 2-7 Triple Draw tables.

RaulGonzales made all of his profit from a single session of $500/$1000 2-7 TD played heads-up against Viktor "Isildur1" Blom in an hour and a half session which started shortly before midday yesterday.

Apart from the first couple of hands, RaulGonzales lead throughout the 369 hand match, reaching a high point of +$82k before dropping $10k during the final few minutes of the match.

There was a big four hour match at the $1k/$2k 8-Game tables which ran from late yesterday afternoon until mid-evening which featured players including Isildur1, Kroko-dill, SamRostan, BiatchPeople, Crazy Elior, Lrslzk, and St1ckman. There were no huge winners from the game, with the biggest winner, Kroko-dill, leaving the table with a $51.7k profit. He also took down the biggest pot of the day:

Isildur1 and Kroko-dill both flop top pair with a flush draw in this $250/$500 PLO pot. Unfortunately for Isildur1 Krodo-dill has both a better flush draw and better kickers and he down this $74k pot

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Isildur1 didn't fare well at the tables yesterday, ending up down $133k. However, he had been down $220k at one point during the 8-Game match but rallied at the end of the day with wins totalling $80k at the 2-7 TD and lower stakes 8-Game tables against donthnrmepls and Crazy Elior respectively.

The third biggest winner yesterday was Alex "BiatchPeople" Luneau who extended his great form of late with a $46.9k win from his participation in the big 8-Game session yesterday evening. The French pro is up close to $400k for the week.

Fourth was Elior "Crazy Elior" Sion who ended the day up $43.3k after wins at the $400/$800 and $1k/$2k 8-Game tables. He woudl have been the days biggest winner but for his final 25 minute heads-up session at $400/$800 against Isildur1 where he lost over $35k.

Yesterday's Biggest Winners

Player Sessions Hands Winnings
RaúlGonzalez 1 369 $72,338
Kroko-dill 1 345 $51,668
BiatchPeople 1 363 $46,869
Crazy Elior 5 659 $43,270

For all yesterday's results go to our results page, or for current action check out the live results section.


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