UK Punter Wins over $900,000 On Trump Victory

Some last minute bets on Donald Trump becoming the next US president have netted UK based real estate mogul Vincent Tchenguiz an £850,000 (over $1m) profit after he took advantage of some favourable odds.

Tchenguiz bet around £350,000 in total on Betfair and Spreadex this week and ended up with a £1.2m ($1.5m) return. Betting on the results of the election is illegal in the United States, but it was the “single biggest betting event ever” for some British gambling sites, according to

Tchenguiz told the London based newspaper, “I’m surprised by how everybody is stunned that [Trump] actually won, I didn’t think that it was so black and white. But people are so shocked — I should have got much better odds.”

Despite the massive windfall it is unlikely the money will make much of a difference to Tchenguiz who is already a billionaire.

This isn't the first seven-figure bookmaking tale to reach out news pages this week after we reported on Wednesday that Paddy Power made the mistake of paying out early on bets made backing Clinton to win - a move which cost them an estimated $1,000,000.





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