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In a recent interview with, Gus Hansen claims that he's looking forward to getting back into the poker scene after laying low these last few years.

Gus says he has been "laying low" for the past couple of years as far as poker is concerned, only playing a couple of times in some big cash games in Las Vegas - games, which, according to Hansen, didn't go to well for him! However, he says he would like to get back into the swing of live tournaments and says he's looking to play some before the end of the year and in 2017. Specifically he pointed to the Aussie Millions next January. He also says he's going to go to Vegas next month and may play in the WPT while he's there as he's historically done well there and he likes the structure of the tournament.

The lengthy interview was conducted last month in Gus's home town of Monte Carlo where he was enjoying watching the Big One for One Drop Extravaganza. Gus didn't seem to mind that the affair was a "no pro" affair but did say that perhaps the pros should have been allowed to play in the satellites and side events to get a little more interest going.

Talking about the poker scene in general he said that any single one of the field of "non-pros" assemebled for the €1m entry One Drop event would probably be the best player in the world if it was 1985 - such is the progress of the game and the massive increase in skill level and knowledge of the average player over the past 30 years.

Gus is also asked about his relatively short-lived "Gus TV", in which Gus streamed himself playing at the highest stakes against some of the best players in the world with his own commentary on the matches. Essentially Gus was doing twitch before twitch!

Away from the tables, Hansen has been involved in some outside businesses. He noted that one he went into with a friend in Denmark, "was a music business, but let's just say it didn't go well, so that's the end of the comments on that one" - but that right now he wasn't thinking about business, he was thinking about gambling. I'd imagine that sounds like pretty sweet music to the ears of Gus's potential opponents!

You can check out the interview in full here


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