Bellagio Craps Dealer Sentenced to Prison for $1m Scam

According to the Las Vegas Review Journal, former Bellagio craps dealer James R Cooper is the last of four men to be sentenced to jail time for a million dollar craps scam dating back over two years as he was finally sentenced to 2-5 years in Las Vegas last week.

The scam is said to have taken place at opportune times between August 2012 to July 2014 and was the result of two crooked dealers, Cooper and the already sentenced "ring-leader" Mark Branco, and their playing accomplices Anthony Grantio and Jeffrey Martin.

Essentially the scam involved the crooked dealers paying out the "players" for bets which they had never actually made. An MGM statistician who reviewed the players play and profit summised that over the period in question they should have statistically lost $712,029, whereas they in fact won $1,086,400. He further went on to say that the number of big wins they collected, given the number of rolls they made, were statistically beyond unlikely - with odds of 425 billion to 1.

The scam was noticed when another dealer became suspiscious of his colleague's actions and alerted the casino.

Cooper was the last to be sentenced as he had worked with the authorites and outlined the scam's details. Cooper, 44, was hoping to receive probabtion but ended up getting jail time along with his co-defendants. He did, however, get the most lenient sentence, with the "players", Martin (a former pro baseball player) and Granito, each receiving 3-8.3 years, and Branco being handed down 4-10 years.


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