Winfred Yu Adresses Rumors About Tom Dwan

After vanishing from poker media spotlight, Tom "durrrr" Dwan has been the center of some extremely wild rumors.

The online high-stakes legend is currently in Philippines for the Triton Super High Roller Series, where he finished Day 1 of the HKD 500K buy-in Main Event 2nd in chips. While Dwan has not given any interviews yet, Poker King Club President and CEO, Winfred Yu, felt the need to adress some of the rumors floating around.

Tom has access to the big games because he is a very likable guy and he gives a lot of action. VIPs love his action. I’ve read many stories about Tom being kidnapped or is part of the Triad, and people staking him, that’s totally not true.”, Yu revealed.

Here are some other interesting information regarding Dwan, revealed by website:

Tom “durrrr” Dwan and Daniel “jungleman” Cates found themselves seated at the same table today. While Dwan was able to keep a healthy stack, Cates was not so fortunate, busting out quite early. The two also shared the same table at yesterday’s event, engaging in some friendly table talk on both occasions. If the poker community is still wondering whether there is tension between them regarding the unfinished Durrr Challenge, by the looks of it, they seemed to be getting along just fine.

It is no secret that Dwan is an avid supporter of Poker King Club. Dwan started attending their high stakes cash games over six years ago and continues to do so until today. Due to the camaraderie he’s established with the Asian VIPs, he has become one of the most welcomed and invited pro to their big games. During his supposed “MIA” years, it is true, Dwan was hitting the felt in Macau, even hired a Mandarin teacher to learn how to speak the language.

However these days, Dwan spends most of his time hitting the poker green in Manila. This past summer, Dwan also hit the VIP tables in Montenegro playing the high stakes cash games and a lot of Six-plus Hold’em


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