Elior "Crazy Elior" Sion Beats Ravenswood13 in 8-Game Match

The biggest winner from yesterday's highstakes games over at PokerStars was UK mixed-game specialist Elior "Crazy Elior" Sion, who ended the day up $65,823 after a three hour session at the 8-Game tables.

Sion played for three hours early yesterday evening against Dutch pro Ravenswood13 at the $400/$800 limits. The English pro lead from the very start and was never behind in the match. It was a fairly even match to begin with, with Sion up just $12k after the first hour. It was during the second hour of play that he gained some traction, and he went into the third hour showing a profit of $67k. The final hour saw Sion reach as high as +$85k, but a couple of decent pots towards the end of the match helped Ravenswood13 win a little back and Crazy Elior settled for his $65.8k win. Prior to yesterday, Sion was down over $70k for the week, so this win puts him back to almost even.

Other than the aforementioned mixed game there was relatively little decent action at PokerStars yesterday. A good $100/$200 PLO match looked to be in the offing around lunchtime featuring the likes of Lottenice, SamRostan, Sirens, Cobus83, and gavz101, but unfortunately it only ran for around 3/4 of an hour, yielding now big winners. Cobus83 fared the best, winning $16.9k and placing fourth on the daily leaderboard.

Second place went to Mariosy who played 374 hands of $200/$400 2-7 TD in a 3 hour session early yesterday morning, netting $25.6k, and fourth place went to OtB_RedBaron who was the biggest NLHE winner of the day. He took $24.9k from a little over three hours yesterday evening at the $50/$100 NLHE tables where he played alongside Sami "Lrslzk" Kelopuro, ltt1981, Pass_72, and others.

Yesterday's Biggest Winners

Crazy Elior +$65.8k

Mariosy +$25.6k

OtB_RedBaron +$24.9k

Cobus83 +$16.9k

For current action, check out the live results section.


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