Doug Polk Takes Another Jab At Daniel Negreanu

Picture courtesy: Youtube

Doug "WCG|Rider" Polk isn't afraid to speak his mind and has called out Daniel Negreanu again, this time for his recent statement regarding the rake increases on PokerStars.

Negreanu recently appeared on the Rikard Åberg show, where he claimed increasing rake is good for the games. As you might imagine such statement was bound to get some online grinders angry. Sure enough, a thread on 2+2 poker forum started filling up quickly with comments like these:

I usually just lurk but this guy is such a disgrace to poker players and a complete sellout. He is a corporate puppet collecting a paycheck...


I am beyond disgusted. It's sad we can't vote to kick this guy out of our community.


Wish there was option to block everything where is the word negreanu. Unbelievable that this level of ignorance and stupidity is what represents the largest online poker site. The sad times we live in.

And keep in mind these comments were the subtle ones...

Doug Polk wasn't happy either and decided to post a 15-minute video on his Youtube channel, which you can see from here:


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