Weekly Highstakes Update: BERRI SWEET on top with $254k Win

The biggest winner from last weeks nosebleed games was PLO regular BERRI SWEET. He made just over a quarter of a million dollars profit playing at the $100/$200 tables.

BERRI actually topped the daily leaderboard three days last week. His first win of $40k came on Monday, where he won his money against Trueteller. The remainder of his profit came from two heads-up matches around the weekend against Dani "supernova9" Stern.

Both of BERRI's encounters with Stern took place in the early hours on the morning across two tables and lasted a little over an hour. On both occasions BERRI left with a six-figure profit. In his game on Friday, he won $113k, and in his Sunday session against supernova9 he won $128k.

BERRI's biggest pot of the week, however, came from a rare (for last week anyway), losing session against supernova9. On Wednesday 5th he ended up losing $21k, but it could have been worse had he not won the session's biggest pot - his biggest of the week:

All the money goes in on the turn with supernova9's two pair behind to BERRI SWEET's dominating two pair. The river changes nothing in this $62.3k pot

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The biggest pot of the week came from candela1005 from a very brief (5 hand) appearance at $200/$400 NLHE table Chow II on Saturday.

With 1novker's AQ and candela2005's QQ, a Queen on the flop was always going to make for a big pot. The money goes in and candela2005's flopped set takes this $90.4k pot.

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The second biggest winner of the week was hhecklen who made a profit every day from Wednesday through to Saturday, winning a total of $142,672, with the majority coming from an $83.6k win on Saturday. Most of his profit came at the NLHE tables.

The final six-figure winner from last week's games was Sami "Lrslzk" Kelopuro, who ended the week up $127,334> Kelopuro won $55.5k on Wednesday, mainly at the PLO tables, $23k on Thursday, and $68k on Saturday.

Biggest Winners 3rd - 9th October

Player Sessions Hands Winnings
BERRI SWEET 17 1377 $253,799
hhecklen 75 3493 $142,672
Lrslzk 21 2587 $127,334
Kaarem 9 837 $83,892

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