Viffer and Shaun Deeb argue over alleged debt: "Stop telling the public I owe you"

David "Viffer" Peat and Shaun Deeb seem to have very different opinion over an alleged unpaid debt the two poker players started arguing over on Twitter recently.

All started last weekend, when Peat commented on Twitter a recent episode of the PokerNews podcast, where Daniel Negreanu said that he doesn't see Mike Matusow as someone he would currently endorse for the Poker Hall of Fame, because Matusow owes a lot of money to other players (including Negreanu).

Viffer commented on Twitter that poker's Hall of Fame would be quite empty, if owing money was antricriteria. That comment got Shaun Deeb's attention right away, who responded to Viffer's tweet by saying "are you hoping that's not a part of it so you have a shot of getting in one day" and claiming Viffer owes money to him:

Viffer wasn't too happy with that comment and offered to bet money that he doesn't owe any money to Deeb. Later he also started a thread on 2+2, where he urged Deeb to "please either accept his offer to bet on arbitration, or stop telling" the public he owes money to him, adding that putting allegations like that on Twitter are "irresponsible".

One thing is for sure however, neither of them are not among the Poker Hall of Fame nominees this year!


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