Prahlad "Spirit Rock" Friedman releases new rap video

Picture courtesy: PokerNews

American professional poker player and World Poker Tour winner Prahlad "Spirit Rock" Friedman appears to be now testing the music industry waters.

Friedman, who once used to be involved in many of the online high-stakes, no limit hold'em cash games that went down on sites like Full Tilt Poker and Ultimatebet, has now re-emerged with a rap name of 'Pragress'.

Friedman released recently his new track 'Hazy Eyez' with singer Aida. So far, the music video has gotten a little over 19K views on Youtube and you can watch it in all its glory from here:

However, this is not the first time Friedman is showing off his rapping skills. During the 2006 WSOP Main Event, ESPN filmed a segment with him that was almost as fun painful to watch:


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