Dan "w00ki3z." Cates Wednesday's Biggest Winner

Dan "w00ki3z." Cates, better known to the wider poker world as the Jungleman, was yesterday's biggest highstakes winner at PokerStars after letting a +$100k day slide to end up with a $62,770 profit.

Cates success came at the mixed game tables, with the majority of that coming heads-up at the $400/$800 tables against Russian pro Alexander "joiso" Kostritsyn, including Cates biggest single session win of $62.9k from a 72 minute 191 hand session at table Sheragul.

After this session ended at 7.14am Cates was up just over $100k for the day which turned out to be his high point for the day, a $37k $50/$100 NLHE loss where he played against SamRostan, Trueteller, and BastianX later in the morning meant that he wasn't able to finish the day as a six-figure winner. The biggest pot of the day played out during this NLHE session:

Trueteller gets lucky after raising the flop with air after BastianX had flopped top pair with top kicker as the Russian pro makes an unlikely inside straight draw on the turn. He is able to extract two streets of value and ship this $52.6k pot

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Sami "Lrslzk" Kelopuro finished the day second on the highstakes leaderboard with a +$55.5k win, most of which came from the $50/$100 PLO tables where he played heads-up against German pro JesusLebtNOT for just over 2.5hrs, winning just over $45k. The remaining $10k came from some mixed game success a little earlier in the evening.

Despite being on the wrong end of the day's biggest pot, BastianX was the day's 3rd biggest winner, earning $41.8k, all of it coming from the aforementioned $50/$100 NLHE game with w00ki3z. and Trueteller.

Rounding out the top 4 was BrynKenney won made a $40k profit, all from a +$50k 3hr early evening session at the $400/$800 8-game tables.

Yesterday's Biggest Winners


14 1050 $62,770
Lrslzk 4 395 $55,493
BastianX 2 251 $41,788
BrynKenney 3 646 $39,960

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