Tom “hongkongtom” Hall's $1 Million Weight Loss Bet

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Tom Hall, who has established himself in the Asian gaming realm as “HongKongTom" and plays some of the biggest cash games in the world in Macau, announced recently an interesting weight loss bet.

While Hall didn't mention who he is betting with, he could win up to $1 million if he manages to drop from 115KG (253lbs) to 103KG (227lbs) without any timelimit. However, the bet has several other conditions. For example, Hall may not buy any wine, watches, artwork, motor vehicles or luxury goods of any kind during the time it takes him to lose the weight.

Hall was offered 10-1 on $100,000 to make the weight loss bet, so he stands to lose $100,000 but can win $1 million if he manages to clear the bet.

It sure sounds like Hall might win this one, let's just hope this one will not end in a disaster like Matusow-Forrest weight loss bet did!

See all the details of the bet from Hall's tweet below:


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