Chinese Cheats Bust Poker Player With Contact Lens Scam

Four Chinese conmen have been arrested for allegedly robbing a man out of 70,000 Yuan (£8,148) in a poker game after using special contact lenses to identify markings on the cards used in the game.

The scam came to light after the victim (identified only as "Feng") reported the incident to police in the Yunnan province on 23rd September. He also alleged that he had been drunk by the gang prior to the game.

According to reports, one of the four men was wearing contact lenses which could pick up markings on the cards undetectable to the naked eye. He then made subtle gestures to inform his fellow scammers of the cards values so that they could repeatedly outplay their opponent.

Accoridng to, Feng lost 10,000 Yuan (£1,164) in cash along with IOU slips adding up to 60,000 Yuan (£6,984). The scammers bribed Feng into playing poker with them by promising to introduce them to new clients for his pesticides business.

The conmen were caught when police raided a hotel room in Dali, Yunnan province and found all four men, 30 decks of marked cards and a set of contact lenses.

Whether the four men will face jail time is as yet unknown, although given China's generally harsh punishment for gambling related incidents, it would not be a surprise if they were slapped with a firm custodial sentence.

Despite reporting the crime, Feng has also been arrested for illegal gambling.

Back in 2013 Stefano Ampollini managed to rake in £60,000 in one evening ($78,000) after using a similar method to count blackjack cards at Cannes’ Les Princes casino. According to the Daily Mail online, Ampollini was sentenced to 2 years in prison for the crime.





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