Dani "supernova9" Stern Last Weeks Biggest Winner at +$245k

US pro Dani "supernova9" Stern was last weeks biggest nosebleeds winner at PokerStars after a four day winning streak enabled him to end the week with a total profit of $245,371.

Stern's profit all came from a 4 day winning streak from Tuesday 27th - Friday 30th September, and all from the PLO tables.

Over half of Stern's profit came from a $130.6k win on Tuesday 27th. This win comprised two sessions; $86.2k came from an hour long heads-up session against Dutch pro Ravenswood13 at the $100/$200 tables. The remainder came from a 36 minute showing at a $200/$400 match which was running alongside his $100/$200 heads-up match where he played against St1ckman, Aron0621, tjbentham, and Ravenswood13. You can read more about supernova9's big win in our daily report

Over the next two days supernova9 made a couple of good showings at the tables, finishing 2nd on the daily leaderboard for Wednesday 28th September with a $49.8k score, and topping the table for the second time last week on Thurdsay 29th with a $54.2k win. It was during his win on Thursday that Stern won what was his largest pot of the week:

BERRI SWEET makes a flush on the turn, but supernova9 gets lucky on the river to make an unlikely full house as he scoops this $64.7k pot

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Stern's final winning day was Friday 30th, where he won a relatively small $14.8k from just 13 hands played. He did book one losing day last week, but it was only a mere $4k in yesterday's $100/$200 PLO games.

The only other play to end last week with a six-figure profit was Grazvis1, who won a total of $107.8k from 997 hands played. His biggest single win came from Tuesday 27th September when he won $87.7k from the $100/$200 and $200/$400 PLO tables.

Tom "tjbentham" Bentham just missed out on a six-figure week, raking in $95.9k last week. His profit can all be traced back to a big PLO win last Monday which you can read more about here

The biggest pot of the week also came from the PLO tables and took place on Friday 30th in a $200/$400 6max game:

bajskorven87 gets lucky as he makes a runner-runner flush after going all-in on the turn in a 3-way pot when well behind. He takes $117.9k out of this pot

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Last Week's Biggest Winners (26th September - 2nd October)

Player Sessions Hands Winnings
supernova9 21 1229 $245,371
Grazvis1 18 997 $107,818
tjbentham 16 1047 $95,872
ltt1981 66 2903 $81,693
OtB_RedBaron 92 2555 $79,341



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