Mike "The Mouth" Matusow Mouths off on PokerNews Podcast

Mike "The Mouth" Matusow gave an insightful interview on Pokernews.com's latest podcast earlier this week. Among the topics raised were Mike's recent health issues, the Full Tilt debacle, the poker Hall of Fame, and the problems he sees in today's poker economy.

Talking about online poker, Matusow says that even though he lives in Vegas and could play online that he hasn't for years because he saw it as a "disease", insofar as he became hopelessly addicted to it and lost millions and millions of dollars.

Regarding Full Tilt Matusow says that he doesn't hold Chris Ferguson responsible other than for leaving his company in the hands of the wrong people. He doesn't reserve such sympathy for Howard Lederer who he says lied to his face regarding certain issues shortly before Black Friday, including saying that they had $500m put aside in case they had to leave the US market - something which they clearly did not.

Matusow was also asked about the 2016 Hall of Fame nominations and the fact that he wasn't considered on the 10 strong list. Obviously he was unhappy about his exclusion, which seems fair enough given his undoubted contribution to the growth of the game, as well as his 4 WSOP bracelets, an $9m in tournament winnings, which as he quite rightly said, was all from tournaments with a buyin of $10k or less. Compared to some nominees (perhaps Chris Bjorn and Chris Moneymaker), it does seem a little strange the "The Mouth" hasn't been included.

There are more interesting tales from the Full Tilt days, his take on the younger generation, and also the way in which poker is heading. If you have a spare hour it's certainly worth a listen

Check out the podcast in full here


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