Phil Hellmuth Rates Clinton & Trump's Debate Performances

All time WSOP bracelet record holder, Phil Hellmuth has given his assessment of the two US presidential hopefuls, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton in the wake of their first televised head-to-head debate - and the outspoken poker player chose, somewhat uncharacteristically, to sit on the fence.

Despite most commentators (even Trump loving, Hillary hating Mike Matusow) agreeing that Clinton won the debate, Hellmuth praised both candidates performances after he was asked to give his assessment by American financial news and services website

In praise of Clinton he opined, "Hillary looked very presidential. I think she did a great job -- attacking was smart for her. I think she highlighted Trump's lack of experience and the temperament stuff was effective. She did a really good job of attacking those two things."

Hellmuth said he was also surprised that Clinton played a particularly aggressive game against Trump, saying, "She was hardcore after him. She did not miss an attack on him. I was kind of surprised by that."

Finally, in awarding Clinton an "A" grade for her performance Hellmuth noted, "I think she did a pretty good job of letting us know that she could be a really good president,"

After his all-round top-notch appraisal of Clinton, it was somewhat surprising to see that Hellmuth also awarded "The Donald" an Ace after his performance. Hellmuth opened with, "Trump won in the sense in that he looked presidential and he didn't have to, and he didn't blow himself out of the water and he could have." and also that, "he played the outsider card really well".

Hellmuth did, however, give Trump one minus point for not using his "best move" according to the 14 time WSOP champ, and that was his "Crooked Hillary" card, claiming that it has been these sorts of playground tactics which had served him so well up to this point.

After getting somewhat shellacked in this first debate, it's no surprise that Hellmuth (and many more of us I assume) thinks that Trump might just go on the offensive big time for the next debate. Hellmuth told, "I believe that Trump is going to attack her much more heavily in the next debate."


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