CooL1992 & Tom "tjbentham" Bentham Monday's Biggest High Stakes Winners

The two biggest winners from yesterday's highstakes games at PokerStars both fell just short of six-figure wins, with CooL1992 and tjbentham both earning just short of $98k.

CooL1992 was marginally the biggest winner with a total haul of $97,847 against tjbentham's $97,688, and he earned his money from a long morning at the $50/$100 NLHE 6max tables.

CooL1992 played for a little under 10 hours in total and at 17 different tables on his way to a table topping profit.

English pro Tom "tjbentham" Bentham earned his money from the PLO tables. Over $70k on Bentham's win came from a 36 minutes early evening session at the $200/$400 tables where he played against Ben "Ben86" Tollerene, St1ckman, Aron0621, WRUUUUM, and Grazvis1. He also shared the day's biggest pot from this session with Grazvis1.

Three-way all in preflop. Grazviz1 and tjbentham both have AAxx, Ben86 comes along with JJ89 and despite all the aces being out and two full runs of the board, the Aces hold up both times. Bentham and Grazviz1 split the pot, although Bentham and Ben86 had bigger stacks at the start of the pot so Bentham scoops the larger share so takes $97k from this $165.8k pot

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The day's third biggest winner was WRUUUUM, who won a total of $51.9k. All of his profit came from a three-handed afternoon session of $50/$100 PLO against Ravenswood13 and Nolez7. Rounding off the top four from yesterday's games was Alexander "joiso" Kostritsyn, who won $46.2k from a little 8-Game and PLO action in the early hours of yesterday morning.

Yesterday's Biggest Winners

CooL1992 +$97.8k

tjbentham +$97.7k

WRUUUUM +$51.9k

joiso +$46.2k

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