Doyle Brunson to Vanessa Selbst: "Please Unfollow Me"

Living poker legend Doyle Brunson recently turned 83 years old and is still actively playing the highest cash games in the world, and even finds the time and energy to argue on Twitter.

This time, Brunson triggered PokerStars Pro Vanessa Selbst, who was not particularly happy with Brunson's opinion on U.S presidental candidate Hillary Clinton. The poker legend stated, that he is willing to bet a lot of money that Clinton has told "twice as many lies" as Donald Trump has during the presidental campaign.

"You're just like the rest of the ignorant masses. Recycling talking points, making assertions, avoiding actual facts and logic.", angry Selbst responded to Brunson's tweet. Doyle then brought up Selbst's bracelet bet with Jason Mercier, adding how she had "welched" on the bet showing her "true character":



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