William Kassouf Steals the Show on the Newest Episode of WSOP Main Event

Picture courtesy: World Poker Tour

The newest episode of the 2016 World Series of Poker Main Event has aired and features some long-waited entertainment for all the viewers.

Sometimes the World Series of Poker episodes can be as interesting as watching a paint dry, but not this time. The British version of Jamie Gold, William Kassouf, can't keep his mouth shut during the latest episode as he tries to talk his opponents to call his bets or fold their hands.

One particular hand draws the attention of WSOP Tournament Director Jack Effel, who eventually gives Kassouf a one-round penalty. In the hand Kassouf is bluffing with his busted straight draw on the river against Stacy Matuson’s pocket queens. The UK pro is doing everything to get her to fold and continues to talk despite being warned multiple times.

The one-round penalty given by Effel has created a lot of discussion after the episode aired on Sunday. For example, Daniel Negreanu described he was "absolutely horrified" by the "unjust ruling":

Take a look what you think by watching the hand from below (hand starts at 1:09):


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