2016 Poker Hall of Fame Nominations Stir Up Discussion

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The 2016 Poker Hall of Fame nominations have stirred up much discussion after Daniel Negreanu brought up in his new blog, that a few of the nominees don't even meet the criteria this year.

Negreanu (who was nominated into the HoF in 2014), believes only four of the nominees this year, Carlos Mortensen, David Ulliott, Todd Brunson and Chris Bjorin should be eligible to be inducted into the Poker Hall of Fame. Negreanu adds, that this year's nominees, like tournament director Matt Savage and poker boom's father Chris Moneymaker, should have been replaced by names like David Oppenheim and Huck Seed as they fill the criteria better:

If you are voting, and disagree with the criteria for entry, raise that issue, but please respect the rules and vote accordingly. This isn't a popularity contest nor is it a place to just get people you think are nice guys in. A player should be judged based on the criteria designed for player inductions. A non-player should be judged for their work in the industry. So, a guy like Chris Moneymaker, for example, should be judged solely as a player. Which means that any of the great things he has done over the years as an ambassador for the game have no relevance. He is to be judged by the criteria designed for players. 

Max Pescatori, who is also one of the nominees this year, was not too happy after reading the blog. Pescatori took to Twitter to ask from Negreanu what were the criteria he was missing, which eventually led to a little Twitter spat. However, players like Erik Seidel and Phil Hellmuth in turn seem to agree with Negreanu:


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