Alex Dreyfus Late On Payment to High Stakes Poker Players

Alex Dreyfus the Canadian CEO of the GPL (Global Poker League) has been outed on the 2+2 forums by high profile poker players Fedor "CrownUpGuy" Holz and Hendrik “ValueH” Latz for delaying on cash trade payments for several months.

Unbeknownst to each other at the time Dreyfus had approached both German pros to trade five-figure sums earlier in the summer. In Las Vegas Latz handed over $20k in cash to Dreyfus, who promised to send the equivalent euro figure by bank transfer later that day. Also in Vegas on 3rd June Dreyfus asked for a $10,000 trade with Fedor Holz who was told he would receive an equivalent trade the next week.

Latz only realised that the trade had not been completed at Dreyfus' end some five weeks later, and Holz had no idea he hadn't received his trade until he got an apology for the lack of payment from Dreyfus some two months after he had sent his $10,000.

Dreyfus admitted to the pair (who by now were aware of each other's situation) that the GPL had been 'struggling' and asked to be able to defer the payment until the end of August, adding that he would pay an additional 5% interest to both parties.

The debts (plus interest) were paid back on 31st August but this wasn't enough to placate the two pros who by this time had decided that they should tell the wider poker community what had happened on 2+2.

Both felt that rather than a "trade" that Dreyfus had in fact treated their money as short-term loans, something which was very much not on offer and they felt that the poker community should be aware of how Dreyfus had acted.

Dreyfus posted in the thread as follows: "I thanks (sic) both parties for their help in Las Vegas an offer a final apology. It is their right to air their grievances on a public forum and I respect that decision."



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