Single-Player Poker Games: What to Play When No Opponents Are Around

With so many poker players gathering around the most popular poker rooms online, it might seem unlikely ever to find yourself in the situation of not finding any tables to join. But it can happen - and if it happens right when you feel like playing a good game, you can end up disappointed, with a sour taste in your mouth (and faith in humanity lost ;-) ). Luckily, there is a solution for this (unlikely, but possible) case, too - you can head over to the Euro Palace online casino and play a casino poker game on your own. Here's what you can choose from.

Video poker

Video poker is as close to proper poker as any casino game can get. It's basically a single-player Five Card Draw with a slight twist on the rules. First, it has the betting rounds removed - they have no reason to be there if you have nobody to bet against, right? Instead, the wins are paid out based on the hand value, according to a pay table. The rest of the game is left intact - cards are dealt, held, and discarded - but without a betting round, it has become incredibly fast.

The Euro Palace Online Casino has several variants of video poker for its players. Some of them use Jokers, others use deuces as wild cards, and yet others pay out for anything above a pair of Jacks (it's called Jacks or Better for a reason).

Triple Pocket Hold'em Poker

An interesting take on Texas Hold'em, the most popular poker game ever. The game uses a standard deck of 52 cards, with no jokers, and resembles the usual Hold'em - to a point. Players are dealt three hands of two cards each, and they can choose whether to hold on to them or discard them, with the condition of keeping at least one hand to stay in the game. The hands discarded by the player will be transferred to the dealer - the house will have two hands. When all players are served, five community cards are dealt on the table. The player will use the hand(s) and the community cards to form a poker hand that has to be stronger than the dealer's (the hands are ranked according to the standard poker rules). The player's hand must outrank both of the dealer's hands for a win.

Triple Pocket Hold'em Poker is a game interesting enough to convince even the most dedicated poker fans to head over to the Euro Palace and give it a try. If not, there's more the Euro Palace can offer:

Three Card Poker

One of the fastest card games ever at the Euro Palace Online Casino, Three Card Poker combines the excitement of poker and the speed of a casino game. The game was introduced by Derek Webb, a casino game developer, in 1994, and by the 2000s, it spread into most casinos on the globe, online or otherwise.

Players are required to place an Ante bet in order to play. They can also place a Pair Plus side bet, which pays out based on the hand value. When all players have placed their Ante bet, they receive hands consisting of three cards. After checking their hands, they can decide whether to play (and place a Play bet equal to the Ante bet) or fold (and lose their Ante bet). When all players have made up their minds, the dealer's hand is revealed, and the bets are resolved. The hands are evaluated in a manner similar to a standard game of poker.


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