PokerStars Introduces new "Bubble Rush" tournaments

PokerStars has introduced a new multi-table tournament format called "Bubble Rush". As the name suggests, the intention of the new format is to get players reach the money faster.

The blind levels go up very fast at the beginning on these new tournaments with the intention of getting everyone to the money within the first hour. When the money bubble eventually bursts, the blind levels will slow down to original speed.

According to PokerStars, the "Bubble Rush" buy-ins range from $0.55 to $109. The online poker giant is continuing its strategy to attract more recreational players to the game, and it remains to be seen will the new MTT format be a success.

Bubble Rush tournaments start off quickly. The blinds go up fast with the intention of getting you to the money after an hour of play. Then, we put the brakes on. No more hyper-turbo structure, the blinds ease back to those of a regular tournament. If by this time you've put together your big stack you're guaranteed time to play, and a boost to your bank roll.

No more hanging around No more waiting to reach the fun part, or falling short. You'll be through the bubble and into the money in about an hour. Think of it as bringing the "hurry up and wait" philosophy to the online poker world. After the bubble bursts the event slows down to regular speed so you can enjoying playing deep poker on your way to the final table, safe in the knowledge you have already guaranteed a payday.


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