Sorel Mizzi Banned from PokerStars yet again

Picture courtesy: World Poker Tour

Sorel "Imper1um" Mizzi has received yet another ban from PokerStars, this time for using a VPN to access the site to play in 2015 WCOOP from within the USA, where it is currently prohibited.

In addition, Mizzi had played under someone else's account - also a serious violation of the terms and condititions of PokerStars.

“I can’t play on PokerStars for a couple years. I was being sneaky and I got caught and it sucks,” Mizzi admitted on an episode of the Poker Life Podcast.

This was not the first time Mizzi was banned from PokerStars. In 2008, he was banned for three months after getting caught for multi-accounting.

Prior to that, Mizzi had also received a lifetime ban from Full Tilt Poker in 2007 for purchasing an account of a player that was deep in a $1 Million Guaranteed tournament. Mizzi was able to win the tournament, but got caught and the prize money was eventually confiscated and redistributed to the other players.

You can watch the Poker Life Podcast with Mizzi from here:


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