Ben "Sauce123" Sulsky Wins $112k at PokerStars

Ben "Sauce123" Sulsky enjoyed his first six-figure win at PokerStars in some time yesterday after finding success at the $200/$400 and $400/$800 8-Game tables

Sauce's biggest table win of $80,796 came from a 90 minute session at $400/$800 table Chertan yesterday afternoon where he played 293 hands heads-up against Swedish online veteran Mikael "ChaoRen160" Thuritz.

It was pretty much all one-way traffic in the match with Sauce winning from the outset and charting an almost unbroken upswing through to the end of the match, with Thuritz winning back a consolation $6k at the very end, denying Sauce an $86k win.

Added to earlier $200/$400 wins of over $50k, Sauce was up over $130k at this point. He increased this profit to over $145k for the day a little later as he opened up some $50/$100 NLHE playing against OtB_RedBaron. However, OtB eventually got the better of Sulsky during their 1hr 40m match reducing his day's profit to $112k. It's been a decent 12 months for Sauce123 who has gained almost $1m at PokerStars since this time last year.

There were no other six figure winners yesterday with second place on the daily leaderboard going to an in-form Dan "w00ki3z." Cates who won $56.5k after 8-Game and PLO success. His biggest win of $35.2k came from an epic 948 hand 11.5 hour stint at $200/$400 8-Game table Lohmann where across the day he played against the likes of Sauce123, Crazy Elior, cts687, SamRostan, bodamos, Ravenswood13, Lrslzk and others.

SamRostan also continued some good recent form in 3rd place with another +$50k win. He earned $56.2k after a long day at the mixed-game tables. All of his winnings, however, can be traced to an hour session yesterday evening at the $1k/$2k tables where he won $69.4k in 111 hands playing against Crazy Elior, cts687, bodamos, Ravenswood, and RaulGonzales.

Yesterday's Biggest Winners

Sauce123 +$112k

w00ki3z. +$56.5k

SamRostan +$56.5k

Lottenice +$25.5k

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