Erik "Erik1223" Sagström's $2k to $1 million Run

In a thread on 2+2, one writer claims to know how Swedish online legend, Erik "Erik1223/DIN_FRU" Sagström, was able to build his massive bankroll back in the day.

We have all heard the stories of Viktor "Isildur1" Blom running his original $2k deposit into over $1 million in just a few short weeks playing on iPoker under "Blom90". What we didn't know, is that Sagström was able to do almost the same thing on Paradise Poker years earlier:

Heh, I knew Erik all the way back to high school. He played on a play$ site called GPKR, that was a PhD Thesis project for teaching an AI to play poker called 'Pokibot'.

Erik's nick name was 'Chan', he had a buddy Frank 'SpicyF' Oberg both from Gothenberg? I think. They were friends with Olle Rade, Magic the Gathering World Champion at one point.

He took his $2K graduation present, put it on Paradise poker, played 100-200 heads up limit for a year and ran it up to .... $1 Million, for real, saw the BRoll with my own eyes.

Erik was here, cashed in the 2016 WSOP 2-7 triple draw apparently, bummed I missed seeing him.

After building his massive bankroll, Sagström played often the big cash games on sites like Ladbrokes, Betfair, B2B/Entraction and Full Tilt Poker.

He has since reportedly moved to Las Vegas, and while he sometimes plays the big cash games running in Bobby's Room at Bellagio, poker is no longer his bread and butter - instead he focuses on sports betting.

While none of this has not been confirmed by Sagström himself, it certainly makes for an interesting story. One thing is for sure however - that kind of a run would be much tougher to pull off nowadays.


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