Doug "WCGRider" Polk in Epic 19hr Twitch Streaming Session

As we reported earlier this week, Doug "WCGRider" Polk set himself a $100 - $100,000 bankroll challenge, which he would be streaming via the upswing poker twitch channel. Despite suffering a substantial loss in Wednesday's session, Polk certainly deserves a pat on the back for his efforts as he put in a ridiculous 19 hour streaming session at the micro-stakes cash game tables and showed that if nothing else the boy has got some serious heart!

The day started off with Polk up $19 at $119k as he hit the 2c/4c tables, but after dropping a few buy-ins a few hours in he dropped down to the 1c/2c tables (with some $1 HUSNG thrown in).

Unbelievably, things went from bad to worse and at one point, he was down an almost unthinkable $74 on the day - equating to a whopping 37 buy-ins at the stakes he was playing at the time as his bankroll dipped to just $45!!

It was looking at this time that perhaps this exercise wasn't the best advertisment for his training website Upswing Poker, which claims to provide the fundamental tools necessary for a recreational player to make money at low stakes poker.

However, fair play to Doug, as he promised to continue grinding until he earned enough player points to convert a $10 bonus - a feat which took him through to Thursday afternoon (he started the session late Wednesday afternoon) and by the end of the session, he had brought his bankroll back to a respectable $85.

The challenge is certainly showing that beating the micros is no walk in the park, but we've no doubt that if he shows this amount of dedication to the challenge that Mr Polk will eventually succeed. His efforts are also providing a valuable lesson to anyone struggling with bankroll management as when he was down he absolutely refused to go back up to the dizzying heights of 4NL!

After the session Doug tweeted about his epic grind (it was 19hr by the way):

Most followers offered words of encouragement or thanks, although a few voiced their opinions that it was a waste of his valuable time and that nobody was interested, and that he should use his time better.

Personally I think these people are entirely missing the point. First off, he clearly loves doing this; secondly, despite the bad session this can only be of huge value in terms of promoting his stream/upswing/brand - and thirdly perhaps life isn't all about making that next million bucks? It's obvious from his stream and from his entertaining weekly "Polker News" that WCG thoroughly enjoys entertaining and informing people - and perhaps that's worth as much to him as playing a successful session of $25/$50?


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